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Initation à la musique classique

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Musical selections and explanatory notes Ana Gerhard Illustrations Mauricio Gómez Morín

The works of Beethoven, Ravel, Prokofiev and others are introduced to children by showing how insects, arachnids and amphibians, such as spiders, wasps, butterflies, frogs and snakes, have inspired the composers. An original and exciting way for younger listeners to discover awe-inspiring classical music, this book pairs five centuries of music history with stunning and evocative illustrations of these fascinating little creatures. Included are a glossary of musical terms and a short biography of each composer along with a compact disc of 20 excerpts. World-class luminaries, including the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, the Liverpool Philharmonic and the Nashville Symphony perform this delightful array of recordings.

MUSICAL PICTURE BOOK 978-2-924774-57-1
Pub Date: 2019
Ages: 7 to 9 / Grades 2 to 5
Keywords: Classical music / insects  / reptiles / history
Hardcover book (8” x 8”, 72 pages) with CD (35 minutes / 20 recordings)
$ 22.95 CND $ 16.95 USD / 19.50 €

Ana Gerhard studied as a concert pianist at the Mexican National Conservatory. Her previous works on introducing classical music to children (Listen to the Birds, Simply Fantastic and Amazing Water) have all received a Parents’ Choice Award in the US.

Mauricio Gómez Morín has created several award-winning picture books over the past twenty-five years. He was the official spokesperson for the 36th International Children’s and Youth Book Fair in Mexico City.


72 page illustrated hardcover book, 8″ X 8″ format, with an appended music CD containing 20 recordings (35 minutes)

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