Un dimanche à Kyoto


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Songs, stories and nursery rhymes by Gilles Vigneault Illustrations by Stéphane Jorisch Performed by Luc De Larochellière, Luce Dufault, Garou, Pierre Lapointe, Martin Léon, Ariane Moffatt and Jessica Vigneault

Welcome to the curious tale of a banjo-playing Cajun musician's life in Kyoto, Japan. Old Man Joe—as he is affectionately called—and his Japanese wife often spend lovely Sunday afternoons drinking tea and collaborating musically with friends from distant lands. Each song is an introduction of sorts to quirky characters like Joe's mother and Little Miss Adèle who calls herself “Hello.” The gentle watercolour images and mishmash of instrumentation give this book its added appeal. This authentic storybook with accompanying CD presents 14 unique songs that, although penned for children, appeal to all ages.


A beautiful stroll in the land of poetry and humanity. LE MONDE

STORYBOOK – MUSIC CD 978-2-923163-08-6
Pub Date: 2004
Ages 5 to 7
Keywords: Quebec song, poetry, travel, nature
Hardcover book (8”x 8”, 36 pages) with CD (35 minutes / 8 songs + 8 nursery rhymes + 1 tale)
$ 22.95 CND / $ 16.95 USD / 19.50 €

As a member of the Canadian Author / Songwriters Hall of Fame, Gilles Vigneault is hailed as one of Canada's most influential music figures of the 20th century, especially as a champion Québécois folksinger. His work often evokes his great love of nature and the passion he has for his hometown of Natashquan, a remote, windswept village on the banks of the St. Lawrence River. He has received numerous distinctions including the “Grand prix du disque et de l'Académie Charles-Cros” in France and the “Médaille Vermeil” offered by the City of Paris.

Stéphane Jorisch is a four-time winner of the Governor General's Literary Award, the Ruth Schwartz Children's Book Award and the Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustrator's Award. He has also created set designs for Le Cirque du Soleil.


36 page illustrated hardcover book, 8″ X 8″ format, with an appended music CD containing 8 songs, 8 nursery rhymes and 1 tale (35 minutes)

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8 songs, 8 nursery rhymes and 1 tale plus printable PDF file of the illustrations and song lyrics
Price: $ 9.99 CND


1 narrated and illustrated story followed by 2 songs (for iPad and iPhone)
Price: $ 7.99 CND