Maestra Evarista et son orchestre

Story and illustrations Raquel Bonita

Maestro Evarista is a conductor in search of an orchestra. With a heavy cart full of instruments, the little lizard sets out to find musicians. One by one, she comes across an assortment of animals who lighten her load as they pick their parts in what becomes a ten-member menagerie. Her cart finally empty and her heart full, Maestro Evarista takes the lead in a concert that proves big dreams do come true with a little hard work to see them through.

In a twist on the classic accordion format, this tale unfolds page by page and animal by animal until the full orchestra is presented across a panoramic, ten-panel spread. Introduced in rhyming verse, a vibrant cast of characters appears against a bold black backdrop to set the stage for readers of all ages.

MUSICAL PICTURE BOOK 978‐2‐89836-018-3
Pub Date: 2022
Ages: 2 to 5
Keywords: Musical instruments / animals / counting / leadership
Hardcover book (8.75” x 9.5”, 24 pages) with QR code to access recording (4 minutes)
$ 24.95 CND / $ 18. 95 USD / 19.50 €

Raquel Bonita is a graduate of the School of Professional Illustration in Madrid and began her career as an illustrator working for established publishers in Spain such as Jaguar, Combel and Edebé. Her work has often been selected for exhibits at some of the world’s most respected literary events, more recently at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair and the Sharjah Reading Festival.  Originally from Northern Spain, she now lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Hardcover book (8.75” x 9.5”, 24 pages) with QR code to access recording (4 minutes)


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