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Songs by La Bolduc (Mary Travers) Illustrated by Josée Bisaillon Performed by Bïa, Geneviève Bilodeau, Gaële, Jorane and Florence K

Evocative illustrations and period songs provide listeners with the chance to discover music from one of Canada’s first feminist singers. This is the definitive tribute to Mary Travers, who performed under the name La Bolduc and is considered the first major recording star in Quebec. The 11 songs, performed by five young female performers, are seasoned with humorous expressions of a time that will delight both young and old.  The illustrations from artist Josée Bisaillon transports readers to the heart of the 1920s and 1930s.


Fascinating! Parents will be happy to hit the replay button and the kids will want to swing their partner, again and again! RADIO-CANADA

STORYBOOK – MUSIC CD 978-2-923163-81-9
Pub Date: 2011
Ages 2 to 7
Keywords: Quebec song, party, holidays, rural
Hardcover book (8”x 8”, 36 pages) with CD (33 minutes / 11 songs)
$ 22.95 CND / $ 16.95 USD / 19.50 €

Marie Travers known as La Bolduc was born in 1894 in Newport, Gaspésie, on the Canadian east coast. Her first claim to fame came by way of Conrad Gauthier’s popular evening gatherings in Montreal in the 1920s and 1930s called Les soirées du bon vieux temps (“Good ole times evenings”). She was the first female artist in Québec who made a living as a recording artist and many of her original songs are often performed today at Christmas time in French-speaking across French-speaking Canada.

Josée Bisaillon‘s illustrations are an abounding mixture of collages, drawings and digital montages. She has won several awards from Applied Arts, LUX, American Illustration and Society of Illustrators, and has been a Governor General’s Literary Award finalist in the 2008 and 2010.


36 page illustrated hardcover book, 8″ X 8″ format, with an appended music CD containing 11 songs (33 minutes)

$22.95 Prix

  • USD: 17.83$
  • EUR: € 16.84
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11 songs plus printable PDF file of the illustrations and song lyrics
Price: $ 9.99 CND


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