Animaux musiciens

Text Pedro Alcalde Illustrations  Julio Antonio Blasco

Travel across the seven continents to discover how nature’s best musicians use their voices or their bodies to create a symphony. On the world stage, gibbons love to break into song at sunrise, while humpback whales prefer to perform the same tune for an entire day. Wolves enjoy choir singing before setting off to hunt, and Chinese torrent frogs are excellent at carrying a tune without ever producing two identical notes. Additional information on the characteristics, habitats, and behaviors of the 14 selected animal virtuosos is included. Recordings of the sounds produced by each featured animal can be listened to by activating the video.

AUDIO PICTURE BOOK  978-2-924774-58-8
Pub Date: 2019
Ages: 7 to 9 / Grades 2 to 5
Keywords: Animals / musicians / nature / zoology
Hardcover book (8” x 8”, 48 pages) with streaming audio
$ 19.95 CND / $ 14.95 USD

Pedro Alcalde has conducted numerous prestigious orchestras throughout the world—in Madrid, Berlin, Rome, Osaka, and St. Petersburg, among others. His multidisciplinary interests led him to work on the first film directed by John Malkovich, The Dancer Upstairs in 2002, which won the Nino Rota Soundtrack Award at the Venice Film Festival.

Julio Antonio Blasco graduated in Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain and has been working as an illustrator and graphic designer for the past 15 years.


48-page illustrated hardcover book, 8″ X 8″ format.

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